Thursday, you feel like a Monday to me

It’s 9:31pm and I’m all cross-eyed.

Today I’ve been trying to read the almost 300 emails that I’ve received during the 10 days that I was in Europe, and I’m still not done yet. I really can’t continue at the moment. I’m also trying to make myself familiar with the new work schedule for a sub-channel that we’re launching next month (week..) and figuring out what topics to write about next week. I also fell asleep at 4 last night/early this morning so my eyelids are getting heavier by the minute.

I’m supposed to join the 5km run at this Sunday’s SMKL marathon…but Chris & I haven’t picked up our running packs yet. I honestly thought they will send it to us. If I do make it, I’ll walk instead of run though. The last time I went jogging was when I was still in Berlin so my stamina’s pretty much hitting the negative right now. It’s also Arabyrd’s T-Party on Sunday, which I have to cover for work, and there’s an event on Saturday, the launch of Elaine Daly’s dalybags’ and Kyla Ruiz’s SS2011 collections.

I eat, sleep and breathe work… 😀


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