A stay-at-home Saturday

Well, my plans for Saturday went out of the window, woke up sick today. No surprise really since I got sick in the plane on the way back to KL and didn’t recover properly.

The view from my balcony. The red roofs belong to the Orang Asli settlement right behind our area, there’s a fishing pond there that we used to go to. The Orang Aslis like to burn their rubbish nearly every night, and since we’re on the first floor, we get the full stench of smoke. I wish someone would tell them to stop it as it affects my breathing, but then again they probably do it because they don’t know any better and I’m not sure if MPPJ goes there to collect their rubbish (or whoever’s in charge of collecting rubbish around this area). The top right hand side are the condos at the end of Damansara Perdana, and the top left hand side shows more housing areas being built. Everything from old buildings to forests and trees are being razed down in PJ & KL to make space for more condos, more houses, more office blocks and malls.

I’m just going to spend the rest of the day resting and doing more work. Later on we’ll go out to buy stuff for dinner and a DVD to watch. I shall leave you with my darling naughty cat.

*His tail is quite short, it was already like that when we adopted him from the streets so we think it must have gotten cut or bitten off, by accident or something, when he was born.


One thought on “A stay-at-home Saturday

  1. Anon says:

    Johnny is so adorable! 🙂 He looks like my cats which were adopted from the streets too, in terms of the patches & length of tail, except my cats have black instead of orange patches. I’d stare at my cats all the time thinking they are the most adorable dears 🙂 Am glad to hear that your cat is rescued from the streets, Johnny is lucky to have found a home 🙂

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