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Gift wish list #1

I want Taschen’s 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers



Global Fashion Week: SS 2012

I’m a little late for Fashion Week posts, but this is the first free & easy Saturday I’ve had in months…so I’ll be doing a lot of updates this weekend – God knows when I’ll have some time for myself again.

Paris Fashion Week favs aka What I’d buy if I had the money

Alena Akhmadullina

Elie Saab

Martin Grant

Ann and Filip Vandevorst

DW by Kanye West


More Paris Fashion Week galleries at MSN Life&Style

Dress like a First Lady, or own her dress

The National Museum of American History is running an exhibition of dresses belonging to the First Ladies of the US. My favs (my fashion favourites are always a personal choice, ie what I’d actually wear personally):

Former First Lady Frances Folsom Cleveland’s dress (from the late 19th century!):













A dress and accessories of former US First Lady Hillary Clinton:
















A dress and other accessories of US First Lady Michelle Obama:















This post somehow reminds me of the quote “Behind every powerful man is a strong woman”…

“The First Ladies exhibition” on MSN Life & Style.

Breaking Dawn, Twilight style

I’m not a Twilight fan (far from it, in fact) but since Twilight: Breaking Dawn was released in national cinemas this week, MSN Life & Style came up with a few fashion-related Twilight galleries.

From ‘The best of Twilight stars’ red carpet outfits‘, here are my top picks:

Kristen Stewart’s Valentino lace dress:


Ashley Greene’s one-shoulder, Greek-inspired Fendi number:


Nikki Reed’s embellished Marchesa:


Rachel, MSN Life & Style’s intern, did a good job with ‘Steal Her Look: Girls of Twilight‘. Maxi dresses are my number 1 choice for weekends and for the days when I miss the beach:


Pink floral maxi dress, Wannabe, RM158

Green leaf print maxi dress, Wannabe, RM68

A few days in the life of…

More of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks…


Johnny & I moved out of Damansara Perdana. Thank you to the people who helped me move 🙂 It always feels bittersweet to see my life packed up in boxes but here’s to a new chapter!


I was invited to the official launch of Michael Kors’ boutique in Pavilion – they even brought down the famous American designer himself! Place was packed with socialites, beauty queens, Datins and Puan Sris. Mr. Kors wore sunnies the whole time, even at the after party – he’s allowed to though, he is the Michael Kors after all! There’s a gallery about the launch at MSN Life & Style (shamelessly plugging my channel here).


A few days after Michael Kors, Kimora Lee Simmons, the Queen of Fabulosity herself came to KL! I was too busy to attend the parties (too old, as well) but I did go to the press conference and she was amazing! She was an hour late but she also extended her Q&A session from 20 minutes to one hour. I even got to ask her something – she saw me waving my arm like a crazy person.


Today I received one of the most interesting press kits ever – the PR peeps for Gucci fragrance included this vinyl in the kit. Wish I had a vinyl player :/


Some of the moments that my friends have managed to capture (in no random order):


Uzair showing me what picture effects his Iphone has


Choon & I holding the ‘gifts’ that Hwee Yee gave us during our almost-weekly meet ups at Brotzeit (I love my E!)


My former intern Nina and I having lunch to ‘celebrate’ Indonesia Day at The Gardens. It was an awesome day for a very awesome young lady 🙂

ImageFarah and I after the Berschka event; found those glasses in the goodie bag.


It’s been awhile since my last update, a lot have happened since then. Trying to put into words life’s tragedies was harder than I thought, and publicly pointing fingers and calling names will never do any good, so I refrained as much as I could.

Even when one thing ends, life still goes on and you only discover how strong you are when you look back and realize what you’ve gone through; I know what I’ve been through the past year, and I have survived. Dramatics aside, two aspects that kept me sane were: 1) work, which kept me extremely busy and distracted from personal calamities and 2) family and friends, for whose actions need no words.

Now and again I have also gone back to writing random prose. I am trying to take things slowly, one step at a time now. I’m at a good stage and I’m happy 🙂