A few days in the life of…

More of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks…


Johnny & I moved out of Damansara Perdana. Thank you to the people who helped me move 🙂 It always feels bittersweet to see my life packed up in boxes but here’s to a new chapter!


I was invited to the official launch of Michael Kors’ boutique in Pavilion – they even brought down the famous American designer himself! Place was packed with socialites, beauty queens, Datins and Puan Sris. Mr. Kors wore sunnies the whole time, even at the after party – he’s allowed to though, he is the Michael Kors after all! There’s a gallery about the launch at MSN Life & Style (shamelessly plugging my channel here).


A few days after Michael Kors, Kimora Lee Simmons, the Queen of Fabulosity herself came to KL! I was too busy to attend the parties (too old, as well) but I did go to the press conference and she was amazing! She was an hour late but she also extended her Q&A session from 20 minutes to one hour. I even got to ask her something – she saw me waving my arm like a crazy person.


Today I received one of the most interesting press kits ever – the PR peeps for Gucci fragrance included this vinyl in the kit. Wish I had a vinyl player :/


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