The best things in life

I am easily amused by seemingly mundane things.

I can stare for hours at the formation of clouds, at a group of monkeys playing with each other, at a river alive with flowing water.

I get happy looking at my cat sleeping, or my cat observing other things while I’m observing him.

I can spend hours browsing through different sorts of daily necessities at the supermarket.

I am overjoyed when I’m given surprise gifts, no matter how small, be it a mango (I love mangos) or a Hello Kitty knick-knack.

I celebrate tacky calendar dates, like 01/11/11 or 11/11/11.

These are the little joys that some might call Peter Pan syndrome, but they keep me sane, keep me grounded. Life’s serious and busy enough that these moments offer me some sort of escape, some sort of happiness.


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