It hardly began, now March is already over

March 2012 is coming to an end, and because things were moving at a pace (and direction) of an out-of-control rollercoaster, I am both surprised and glad that time passed by so quickly this time around.

My schedule’s filled up with events again, which means less time for me to actually do work in the office, but everyone’s launching their Spring/Summer collections and more boutiques are popping up in KL. Here’s to a very busy season, and a very stressed me (contrary to popular belief, an editor just not only attends events and sips champagne like a bawse. We have daily (online) schedules, targets, meetings, advertorials and articles to write, etc.)

Here are some pictures, I definitely should try taking more when I’m out.

Guess Jewelry SS12 media preview

Loewe eyewear SS12 media preview

Mira & I at the launch of M.A.C SHOP

Sherls & I at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge event

And then something funny happened to me a few weeks back. I was in a hurry to get lunch so I rushed out of the office and went to The Gardens. After walking around a bit, I noticed I had two different Havaianas on! I obviously have too many underneath my office desk.


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