Monthly Archives: May 2012

April’s gone, and I’m back again

My posts are few and far between, my last one was in March and April went by as quickly as it came, without a single line from me. I need to put in more effort to write, gain a strong and permanent audience, and become famous! No, not really.

As I correctly predicted (not like it’s that hard, these things happen all the time every year), April was full of events. Due to time constraints I couldn’t make it to all of them, and if I did go, I almost always forgot to snap pictures. Apart from work, last month was a whirlwind of emotions, decisions, drinks and meeting/reconnecting with people. It almost drove me insane, but hey, I’m still here standing.

At the reopening of Emporio Armani’s KLCC boutique (Chinese actress Shu Qi came and made a very short appearance!)

At the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show. I look somewhat high here already.

Before Optical88*’s fashion show. Love the invitation card!

At the Vice Convent party series – Vertigo KL.

And yeah…I like posting pictures of my moody cat!


A public therapy

I have a few quirks when it comes to dealing with my moods. For example, when I’m really upset or broken hearted I would go to a hotel, any hotel, to be alone and separated from the rest of the world. This first came about, some years back, when I had a huge argument with an ex – I just packed a night bag and exited dramatically ‘into the night’, as novels would say. A little bit of it also comes from my love of staying in random hotels – in fact, I’d just love to try out all hotels and backpackers in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

I have recently found another way to calm myself down when I’m upset – taking public transportation on the weekend. The public transportation system in KL is horrendous, to say the least, so I generally avoid it when I can, but last weekend I took the bus and then the train to KLCC and it was an uplifting experience….in a weird sense. There’s something about figuring out how to get to a certain destination, getting ‘lost’ in your own city, being an anonymous commuter surrounded by strangers that takes my mind off things. 

Today, I shall attempt to take the bus to a nearby mall so I can go pay my bills. The easier option is to cab it, but I think I need some public ‘therapy’ again 🙂