A public therapy

I have a few quirks when it comes to dealing with my moods. For example, when I’m really upset or broken hearted I would go to a hotel, any hotel, to be alone and separated from the rest of the world. This first came about, some years back, when I had a huge argument with an ex – I just packed a night bag and exited dramatically ‘into the night’, as novels would say. A little bit of it also comes from my love of staying in random hotels – in fact, I’d just love to try out all hotels and backpackers in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

I have recently found another way to calm myself down when I’m upset – taking public transportation on the weekend. The public transportation system in KL is horrendous, to say the least, so I generally avoid it when I can, but last weekend I took the bus and then the train to KLCC and it was an uplifting experience….in a weird sense. There’s something about figuring out how to get to a certain destination, getting ‘lost’ in your own city, being an anonymous commuter surrounded by strangers that takes my mind off things. 

Today, I shall attempt to take the bus to a nearby mall so I can go pay my bills. The easier option is to cab it, but I think I need some public ‘therapy’ again 🙂


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