Monthly Archives: July 2012

Grief & gratitude

When does life ever stop being a rollercoaster?

I am still eternally stuck in stage 1 (of grief – anyone who took Psychology 101 will be able to tell you there are 5), I dare not even think about it. I’m pretty good in not thinking/ignoring anything that makes me sad. I can’t talk about it to anyone either, I don’t know who’ll be able to handle my ramblings and tears and regrets and sorrow.My grandma was our lifeline, my idol. How do you deal with infinite sadness?

Apart from that –

Life has been exciting. Things at work are slowly falling into place. I’m running around like a madwoman meeting potential clients, business partners, agencies, going for events, introducing our portals, and on the side trying to make time for friends, trying to¬†resuscitate a non-existent love life. Playing with my cat. Attempting to clean up my vanity table. Meeting new people who, amazingly, always seem to believe in me more than I believe in myself.

Ups and downs. Grief and gratitude.