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Turn over.

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I have used up 8 out of my 9 cat lives.

A phlegmy cough turned quickly (overnight) into breathing problems, an infection, and a hospitalization. The worst part of the whole situation was flagging down a cab to take my half-dying ass to Assunta. And I do mean, half dying, literally – it is like that when you can’t breathe. Imagine someone choking you and you’re just struggling to get oxygen. I don’t mean to evoke any sympathy, it’s just how it is being alone in Peninsular Malaysia.

I had kind people visiting me though, and I’m immensely grateful for that. Also much love to my aunt in KK and of course my awesome mummy. Less than three.

I got discharged on Monday and headed to work the next day (mc? what mc?) – but eff it, I was working from the hospital too anyway.

I’ve been in and out of hospitals since I was born but this time, something hit home. Something’s changed and I… am still me, but different.

Good night folks, may oxygen never be lacking for you.

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