Fatigue and gratitude

I am so exhausted, I feel every cell in my body is aching. I didn’t sleep well last night, thinking of numbers, appointments, targets, deadlines. I had two editorial meetings, one media visit-turned-into-a-sales-pitch, and two client meetings. All in all everything went well, but I’m just so dead right now and I still need to send out some emails….maybe I’ll rest for three hours and wake up after to continue work. Some say I’m a workaholic, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be one (Smitha and I were even on Bella ntv7 to talk about this topic!). I want to be successful, I want my team to be the best, I want our portals to excel. For me, it has been a ‘Do or Die’ thing… and building and marketing a new brand is a thousand times harder than being in an already existing, well known one.


I’d talk more about responsibilities, success and growth on another day – when I feel less like passing out – but when I’m tired out of my mind, I’d always like to list down things I’m grateful for today (something a good friend taught me).

1) Meeting my cousin for an early breakfast. I miss her, I miss having family. She was here for a brief stopover before going to Langkawi for a workshop. She’s so intelligent and now works for WWF – I couldn’t be more proud of her.

2) Turning a media visit into a sales pitch – after all, the best people you can talk to are from editorial, we know our ish.

3) Presenting our work and ideas to an institution and them loving it – best. feeling. ever.

4) Meeting someone whom you can bond with not only about work (client!) but also personally – two in one!

5) Having team members trying to pull an April’s Fools joke to cheer you up. Honestly, there’s nothing like having people appreciate what you’re trying to do for the company/department, when they can see despite you being strict and demanding 110%…they understand and still have your back…it’s something money can’t buy (which motivates me even more!)

6) My sister sending new pictures of her Scottish Fold kitty.

7) My boss, our CEO, telling you not to worry… amg I can say a lot of things about this guy lah. We all love and respect him a lot.

8) Elaine, my much appreciated sales girl who lets me nap in the car on the way back to our last meeting / office because she knows how tired I am.

9) My awesome pawsome admin, Zu, helping us to rush an internship letter which a future intern needed urgently.

And lastly, being safe, having a place to sleep, having two generations of strong women who inspire me and who taught me that nothing is impossible. I thank God for my family every damn day. I miss my mum, sister and mama so much.


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