The Industry

Everyone wants to call themselves a designer (that, and also a model). However, you’re not a designer if you just purchase things and re-sell them. You’re not one if you don’t grab the drawing board, present sketches, and go through the tiring process of production. You can call yourself a reseller, an aspiring business owner, or something. But not a designer.

* * *

It’s not an exclusive if the news has been floating around the industry for a couple of days already. You didn’t break the story. The dailies got the information first and shared it on social media. Stop whining on your Facebook. Being bitter is unbecoming.

* * *

You invited us to the pc, we covered the story for you, updated accordingly. Now we don’t get invites to the actual local event, even? And we were supposedly required to let you know in advance that we’re attending? Which part of the release even said that? It’s not a costly overseas junket, it’s a local gig. If we had to rsvp way in advance (which I guess we were supposed to find out telepathically, since this piece of info was not shared in any of the emails you bombarded my inbox with), and if you weren’t going to send an email invitation out, do let us know next time before we publish your announcements on any of our portals. ‘Cause we might just not do it.


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