Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Note to self in 2008

I have (re)discovered that:
-sometimes we hurt other people not because we’re being malicious but because we want to see how much they love us
-and the above doesn’t work 92% of the time
-most of the time we think life is like a movie with the hero and the heroine and that whole shit.. and the whole ‘live happily ever after’ A LIE
-if you take a step back and look things from a different perspective, you will learn to let go of the mess that has been holding you back
-you need someone to tell you to slow the fuck down
-you need someone to tell you what the fuck you’re doing wrong because you’re not always right
-you need to keep people who make you HAPPY HAPPY and who make you feel good about yourself
-sometimes it’s better to be direct than keep things to yourself to avoid confusion
-if you let things go there will be less drama


Because we need reminders, time and time again.