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I miss Paris. Everything feels surreal and romantic there.


I miss Berlin. How everything and everyone just blends in, how people of different strokes can fit in together to form such a vibrant city full of youthful energy. (yes you could be dancing on the benches and no one could care less)



I am at my happiest on the road, driving away from KL, discovering places I’ve never been to before, revisiting small towns.

If I were to personify KL, I would say it is a vampire – the longer you stay here, the more life it sucks out of you. We stay to earn our daily bread, and run away as soon as we can, at any opportunity, even if it’s just a brief moment of escape.

I am at my happiest breathing a different kind of air, not the polluted, heavy scent of mass destruction, industrialization, concrete buildings.

I am at my happiest by the water, letting the breeze touch my skin, listening to liquid music.

It’s the closest I can be to feeling free, before going back in the vampire city.

Paris, I miss you

I would love to go to Paris again, and explore the small cobble stoned paths and tiny shops I didn’t have time to go into in June.

Thanks mom for the lovely trip, I miss you a lot!


I was in Paris with my family two weeks ago, and I will definitely go back there again – I’m giving myself two years to save up enough money to be able to shop my heart out.

Full post will come up soon.