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July – August 2012

I’ve been putting up sad posts since my grandmother passed away, and have neglected to write about my daily life, which is what this blog was set up for, initially. I’ll no longer use time as an excuse – for anything anymore, for that matter (I figured if I don’t sleep or ‘socialize’ that much, I’d have more time for myself…not quite sure if the latter would be possible). Plus, if I had managed to blog at Livejournal for almost 10 years before, I shouldn’t have a problem to do the same with WordPress now.

Anyway, a huge chunk of my life revolves around work. I breathe, eat and sleep work – even my family and friends have accepted that. Apart from answering hundreds of emails every day, talking to my team, meeting up with people for possible collaborations, overseeing the sites, etc., I also have to attend some events. Most (90%) of the invites I get will be passed on to the team though, ’cause sometimes I can’t afford to leave the office.

The trip to Johor Premium Outlets was one of the first videos that we shot for Lipstiq.com (check it out here). It was a one-night media junket where I bumped into Nazrul, whom I got to know when I came to KL four years ago.


Doing the ‘azn’ pose with Uzair at the first adidas Breathe and Stop Tour at Stage KL, one of the funnest hip hop events I’ve been to. We also got to meet Ali Shaheed (A Tribe Called Quest), DJ Maseo (De La Soul), and DJ Shortkut (Triple Threat) – read up about it on Lipstiq and Hype.


I flew to Singapore in August to interview Nelly Furtado and boy, was that one of the toughest trips of my life. I got really bad food poisoning (I assume it was from the Macces breakfast I had at LCCT, it was the only thing I ate the whole day before falling sick) and I spent the first day puking my guts out. Basically missed the press conference and couldn’t eat dinner – wait, I couldn’t leave my room even – but thank goodness I was strong enough to go for the actual interview the next day. I met up with Nessa and Sam at the showcase, but felt dizzy again after that.


One of Singapore’s top clubs, Butter Factory, decided to open its doors in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and Stephen’s team at Arcis invited us to interview the DJs and cover the launch. It was too packed, I slipped on the dance floor, the door bitches were being a bit uptight…so we left (okay, so I was also drunk). But the good thing was before that I actually had fun with my girls Simone and Lainey, and bumped into the gorgeous Nadia Heng, so we all basically just danced and laughed until the drinks ran out. The photo above is of Stephen (owner of Arcis Communications), myself and Nadia taken by ¬†Kelvin Sing photography.


The next day after Butter Factory’s private media/VIP launch night was the grand launch of UNITY KL, which both Xu and Leonard invited me to. In all my hangover glory, I went there, said hi to friends (KL is small and you always meet familiar faces everywhere…which can be a problem. It can get boring), walked into Unity to see Simone and Lainey shoot videos/interview and a guy came up to me and said, ‘Hey I know you from last night…’ It was N’fa Jones! MC N’FA was one of the headliners at Butter Factory KL’s launch and he remembered me from the night before…maybe it was my tattoos…or me dancing like a fool when he was performing but hey whatever, right. He’s such a friendly person though, and he’s a huge fan of Kota Kinabalu so…for that he’s already automatically on my good side.

That’s N’FA on the left and Xu TAG on the right, and you can find more pictures from UNITY KL’s pretty awesome launch party on their Facebook fanpage. Excuse my hideous hangover look.

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