Monthly Archives: October 2012

The year when the dragon satisfied its hunger

This Dragon Year has been mostly tough and bleak for a lot of people around me, some of us having to deal with sickness or death of loved ones.

Nearly 5 months ago I lost my grandmother, someone who raised me, who held my heart, whose death affected me and still makes me cry. Now I’m faced with my stepdad being in the hospital – yesterday was a rush of buying my ticket back and sorting last minute changes. Being alone here and half a globe away from my family is hard; balancing work-related matters, personal issues and trying to ignore feelings of fear and helplessness.

When faced with death and misfortune, you’ll realize who is truly compassionate and kind. Unfortunately, sometimes people won’t care. I guess it’s easier to be selfish and walk away. It’s easier to not be bothered with someone else’s problems, sadness or situations. Not everyone will be willing to drop everything at 4 in the morning to be with you. This realization adds to my already existing sorrow, but you can’t change people – they are who they are.

Does love really make the world go round? I’m not so sure anymore. But if karma really exists, then their days of sorrow will come too, and then it’ll be too late.


Locked out

For the first time in my entire life I’m locked out of my room. Which is in no way any fault of mine. The knob was already a bit loose when I moved in but I never put much thought into it, until this morning when I brought the trash out and was about to leave for work when…I couldn’t open my door. So I huffed and puffed…okay I took a screwdriver and tried to break the damn thing, shouted a string of bad words at it….and called a locksmith. The first one I called said I’m stupid and I’m never gonna call that fucker ever again. Now I’m waiting for another guy to show up and fix this shit.

Thanks to everyone who helped.


Oh and a friend said locksmiths earn a lot of money. I should make that my part time job, maybe!