I have no ambitions to be an activist of sorts.

I also don’t want to preach about religion or force anyone to take on a certain belief. I couldn’t care less what religious view you choose to follow. Religion (or non-religion) has always been a personal thing, in my opinion.

I merely write, to voice an opinion, to ask, to portray a sentiment.

I am still me. And like a lot of my friends (and some of us have chosen to come back here even after having the option to live in another country), we want a Malaysia that respects people of all races and religions. If certain institutions continue to spread fear and distrust among everyone, the future might look extremely bleak for this nation that we all (strangely) love.


One thought on “Note

  1. kusme says:

    The people of this country used to be able to agree to disagree and work for the betterment of the country.

    Now, if you don’t agree with us, you should leave the country 😦

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