Little big reminders

Time and time again, I am faced with evidence that I am surrounded by love, even in the darkest, saddest, most insecure moments.

Friends who have been there at a push of a phone call or text.

Friends who offer help without being asked.

Friends who got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam, braved through an hour of waiting for a cab or Uber ride to attend your event.

I am grateful and thankful for, after a horrible week:

  1. My best friends who were always encouraging, even though I know I was being so difficult.
  2. A great Kaamatan-Gawai party, a collaboration between The Borneo Blog and Pisco Bar, aided by Spirits of the Harvest.
  3. Meeting readers of The Borneo Blog at the Kaamatan-Gawai party.
  4. Amazing friends who sponsored welcome shots and door gifts (TAJON and Love,Lusie). They never hesitated when I asked.
  5. Amazing friends who came early to help and for support.
  6. Amazing friends who, despite excruciating traffic conditions, came to the party.
  7. Amazing friends who drank and danced the night away.
  8. A friend who insisted on sending me back home, so I didn’t have to Uber it alone from Changkat late at night.

Yes, all of these amazing people. You fill my heart with love, and remind me again and again, that my life is a little brighter because of you ❤


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