Breaking Dawn, Twilight style

I’m not a Twilight fan (far from it, in fact) but since Twilight: Breaking Dawn was released in national cinemas this week, MSN Life & Style came up with a few fashion-related Twilight galleries.

From ‘The best of Twilight stars’ red carpet outfits‘, here are my top picks:

Kristen Stewart’s Valentino lace dress:


Ashley Greene’s one-shoulder, Greek-inspired Fendi number:


Nikki Reed’s embellished Marchesa:


Rachel, MSN Life & Style’s intern, did a good job with ‘Steal Her Look: Girls of Twilight‘. Maxi dresses are my number 1 choice for weekends and for the days when I miss the beach:


Pink floral maxi dress, Wannabe, RM158

Green leaf print maxi dress, Wannabe, RM68


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